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Updating Your Cal State Apply Application


Once you submit your application, most sections are locked to prevent edits. Updates you can make include:

  • Editing your contact information.
  • Editing your profile information (username, password, etc.).
  • Adding programs with deadlines that have not yet passed.
  • Adding new recommendations (if you have not yet requested the maximum number of recommendations).
  • Editing or deleting recommendations that remain incomplete.
  • Adding new entries to certain areas of the Academic History, Supporting Information, and Program Materials sections (e.g., test scores, optional documents, etc.), where applicable (you are unable to edit or delete existing entries).
  • Editing program materials for programs you have not yet submitted to.
  • Adding optional documents to programs that you already submitted to (all other sections will be locked).

After making your updates, click Update my application to send the changes to your campuses. If you have updates for other sections of your application, submit these updates directly to your campuses.

Updating Your EOP Application

Applicants may complete and submit their Cal State Apply application and then later return to complete the EOP portion of the application. To ensure that you submit your EOP application on time, please refer to the campus-specific EOP Admission by Term information.

If you are applying to EOP after you already submitted your main application, you must return to the dashboard and click Update My Application for your updates to be received by Cal State Apply staff. Only updates to your EOP application will be considered after your initial submission.

Academic History Updates for Transfer Applicants

This section only applies to transfer students (upper-division, Associate Degree for Transfer, and lower-division).

After applying to the CSU, all transfer students must update their application with:

  • The grades you received for your previous terms (e.g., Fall classes for the Fall before you plan to start at CSU or Spring classes for the Spring before you plan to start at CSU).
  • The courses you are enrolled in or plan to take (e.g., summer and fall classes).

You must provide this information before you expect to enroll. These updates ensure that CSU campuses have your most current academic information. Updates are available within the following timeframe, depending on the cycle you are applying in:


Fall Update

Spring Update

2023-2024 January 1 – 31, 2023 August 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024
2024-2025 January 5, 2024 – January 31, 2024 August 1 – 31, 2024

You will receive email notifications reminding you to complete these updates.

To complete these updates, log in to your Cal State Apply application and follow the instructions in the  2024–2025 Academic History Update Guide for Transfer Applicants

You can update the following sections:

  • Colleges Attended
    • You can add new colleges, but you cannot delete previously added ones.
    • If your college is listed with a specific end date (e.g., May 2021), you can edit the last term you attended.
  • College Coursework
    • You can add new coursework to in progress and completed terms and update previously added course grades.
    • You cannot delete previously added courses or completed terms.
  • General Education
  • Program-Specific Prerequisites (in the Program Materials section)
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