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Communicating with Applicants

Outcomes allows you to communicate easily with applicants using emails. To do this, you'll first need to configure your Email Settings

Sending Emails

You have several options to send emails:

The easiest way to send emails is from the Applications Grid. To do this:

  1. Go to the Applications Grid and select your desired filters, or search for your desired applicant(s).
  2. Click the checkboxes to the left of the desired applicants’ names or click the checkbox at the top left to select all applicants on the page.
  3. If the list of applicants extends past the first page, you’re presented with an option to select the entire batch. Click Select all… to include all of the applicants.
  4. From the menu that appears on the bottom, click Email to send an email to these applicants.

    RN Outcomes Batch Action Menus.png
  5. From the drop-down on the new page, select your desired template or select Type a custom email to create a new email from scratch. The Email Templates offered here are those created through the Settings menu and are separate from Marketing emails.
  6. Review the email by clicking Prev and Next to scroll through the preview emails as desired.

    Previewing a batch email
  7. When ready, click Send to X applicants.

Note that the process above describes sending standard emails in Outcomes. Visit the Marketing section to learn about sending emails using the more advanced tools available with the Campaign features.

Reviewing Your Email History

Outcomes allows you to see the history of emails that have been sent to applicants. To view these emails:

  1. Select the Activity view from the Navigation Menu.
  2. Click Emails from the options at the top.
  3. Now from the Sent Emails page, scroll to view your email history, or use the search icon to search for emails by their subject.

    Reviewing your email history


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