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Working in Outcomes

Getting Started in Outcomes

Watch this video to get a brief introduction to Outcomes. Because of how customizable it is, your version of Outcomes may include features and options different from what you see here. These topics are included in the video:

  •  Understanding the Dashboard
  •  Working with Applications
  •  Working with Contacts
  •  Working with Users and Permissions
  •  Exporting Data

Navigating Outcomes Sections

Use the Navigation Menu on the left to move to different sections of Outcomes.

        Navigation Menu

The sections available include:

  • My Dashboard: select this option to return to the Dashboard, where tiles give you a snapshot of relevant information.

  • Reporting: select this option to work with reports or configure Dashboards.

  • Contacts: select this option to review your Contacts.

  • Applications: select this option to review your applicant pool and all applicant data.

  • Marketing: select this option to view the marketing tools.

  • Tasks: select this option to create or work with Tasks.

  • Activity: select this option to review your notification history, access downloads, and work with your recent emails.

  • Conversations: select this option to access the Conversations feature.

  • Settings: Select this option to work with Outcomes’s admin features.

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