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Configuring Application Review Tools

  • Configuring the Application Summary View
    Customize which fields appear in the Application Summary and Application Sidebar.
  • Configuring Workflows
    Design workflows that help you automate certain tasks.
  • Configuring Dashboards
    The Dashboard is the landing page where you arrive after logging in. It gives you a high-level overview of your applicant pool via a series of charts, which are interactive – you can click on the charts to navigate to the respective groups of applicants.
  • Configuring the Holistic Score
    The holistic score considers all aspects of an applicant and is customizable by you to align with your program's mission and goals.
  • Configuring Phases
    As applicants progress through the review process, you'll need to categorize them so you know where they stand in your process. This categorization is done via Phases.
  • Configuring Review and Scoring Forms
    Evaluation Forms are used to capture reviewer feedback.
  • Configuring Segments
    Segments are groups of applicants who meet a specific set of criteria. Segments are accessible throughout the platform.
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