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Go-Live Checklist

In preparation for application review in September, program directors and managers should complete the following key tasks. Following launch, we'll begin preparation for interview season. 

June Tasks

June is the last month the sandbox (i.e., playground) environment will be available. 

Bookmark for quick access to all resources. 

 Get familiar with the application: review the Applicant Quick Start Guide

Get familiar with the Program Portal:

Watch recordings of previous webinars and register for the 4th webinar in the series

Review the Program Portal Quick start guide. 

 Access the sandbox environment to test any features of interest. 

July Tasks

July is when the live environment becomes available. 

 Log into the live environment (watch for an email with instructions). 

 Set up your initial dashboard.

 Set initial holistic element weights.

 Set up application review tools, including:

Application review phases.    

 Review/scoring forms.

August Tasks

 Configure rights & roles (including data masking/permissions).

 Set up other users at the program.

Note: if you're attending the CREOG retreat in Denver, you'll participate in additional training and one-on-one sessions. If you're not attending, you'll be able to participate in virtual training and one-on-ones following the retreat. 

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