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Quick Start Guide

Welcome to WebAdMIT for AMCAS, a cloud-based admissions management platform that provides users with tools to streamline their admissions processes. Using WebAdMIT for AMCAS, admissions staff can:

  • Manage each applicant as they progress through the admissions cycle.
  • Manage collective groups of applicants.
  • Obtain holistic views of applicant pools.
  • Take full advantage of applicant data to make the best admissions decisions.

Quick Start Topics

If you're new to WebAdMIT for AMCAS, we recommend you review the following topics in order. These topics provide you with an overview of the essential information you need to know to get up and running.  

Topic/Link This topic contains information on:
1. Key Terms and Definitions Common WebAdMIT for AMCAS terms and definitions, organized in a glossary.
2. Accessing WebAdMIT for AMCAS Logging in to WebAdMIT for AMCAS. 
3. Working with the Dashboard The five main areas of the Dashboard which provide you with essential information. 
4. Searching for Applicants How to search for applicants and filter your applicant pool.
5. Viewing Applicant Information The Applicant Details Page which contains all of an applicant's data. 
6. Creating Field and Composite Lists How to create and manage groups of applicants. 
7. Managing Users How to setup and manage your WebAdMIT for AMCAS admissions users.
8. Contact Support Additional support resources. 


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