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Viewing Email History

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You can view email history in two locations in WebAdMIT for AMCAS:

  • Individually through the Emails panel on the Applicant Details page.
  • In bulk through the Search Correspondence feature under the Applicants panel.

Review the Email Status definitions to further understand your email history.

Gaining Access to This Feature

The Emails panel is available on the Applicant Details page and access to it is controlled through Work Groups. You must have the Emails panel enabled for viewing.

The Search Correspondence page is available under the Applicants panel and access to this tool is controlled through Work Groups. You must have the Email Applicants permission to access the Search Correspondence page.

Viewing Email History Individually on the Emails Panel

WebAdMIT for AMCAS displays individual email history under the Emails panel on the Applicant Details page. The Emails panel contains a record of each correspondence that was sent to the applicant. Click the subject line to view the content of the email. If the email includes an attachment, you can download the attachment to view it.

Copy of application received email sent to applicant under the Emails panel in WebAdMIT

Viewing Email History in Bulk on the Search Correspondence Page

The Search Correspondence page allows you to view all correspondence that was sent or is waiting to be sent to applicants. Only applicants you have permission to view will appear in your results.

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Applicants panel, then click Search Correspondence.
  2. If filters are hidden, click Show Filters to display them.
  3. If desired, apply one or more filters to refine the list of search results. When using the Date Created filter, WebAdMIT for AMCAS searches for correspondence sent on or before the selected date.
  4. Click Search to view applicants or Reset Criteria to clear your filters.

Once your search is complete, click Sort List to sort your results by name, email address, ID number, and date created.

Filtering for email history through the Search Correspondence feature

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