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Reviewing the Applicant Details Page

Video Overview

Finding the Applicant Details Page

The information entered into the application by the applicant is viewable on the Applicant Details Page. From any search or list, click the applicant’s name to view the Applicant Details Page.

Applicant Details Panels

Information on the Applicant Details Page appears in categorized, collapsible panels. The panels that display are determined by users’ Work Groups; only applicant header information will display if panels are not permissioned to a Work Group.

Applicant Header

The Applicant Header displays key demographic information, including:

  • Applicant Name
  • Applicant Photo
  • Applicant ID
  • Application Status, which appears as a flag (highlighted in green)
  • The most recent date and time that information was transmitted from the CAS to WebAdMIT (i.e., last Applicant Update)

If other available fields have been enabled in the Applicant Header Manager, they appear on the right. Additionally, the top right corner of the Applicant Header provides navigation options to move between applicants.

Uploading an Applicant Photo

From the Applicant Details page, you can upload a photo in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, and .png formats. We recommend a size of 640x480 pixels. Note that photos are optional and are not provided by the CAS.

  1. Click Upload in the Applicant Header section.
  2. Click Browse to find and select the photo on your computer. Note that a list of programs appears in the Applicant Photo window. WebAdMIT automatically selects the programs that the applicant applied to. If necessary, uncheck any programs, then click Upload.

Contact Information

This panel displays the applicant’s contact information, which may include:

  • Current Address
  • Permanent Address
  • Preferred Address
  • Alternate Contact


This panel displays the program at your institution to which the applicant applied, as well as:

  • Local Status
  • Decision Code
  • Application Status
  • Relevant Dates (the date the application was completed, submitted, verified)
  • Details (additional information about the designation, such as year(s) of previous application and graduate program interest tracks, if applicable)

Note that for some CASs, the Designations panel includes a Last Exported Date column. This displays the last date an applicant was included in an Export.


To establish whether or not this field is updated for all applicants included in an export, adjust the Last Export Date timestamp setting in its Export Settings.


Where applicable, you can clear the Last Export Date individually for an applicant by clicking the Delete icon in the Last Exported field, or you can clear it in batch through List or Search Actions.


This panel displays the scoring model used for the applicant, as well as the actual score and a detailed view of score calculations.

To view the score calculations, click Details. Details displayed include:

  • Scorable Field name
  • Input score (original score)
  • Point Table applied to score that component
  • Multiplier used
  • Component Score (final score)

Scores are automatically updated when changes are made to an applicant’s scored items or a Scoring Model. When making changes directly on an applicant’s page, you may need to click Refresh Applicant's Scores to view the updated component scores. 


This panel displays the user(s) who completed or are assigned to complete Assignments for the applicant.


This panel displays the user(s) who completed or are assigned to complete Interviews for the applicant.


This panel displays the applicant’s documents transmitted from the CAS. Documents uploaded by local program staff also appear here. The number in parentheses on each subpanel indicates how many of each document type are available. Documents sources can include:

  • Applications: this section contains a full PDF of the application. Note that the full application PDF will mirror the panels and sub-panels allowed for viewing for the user, based on their Work Group. For example, if the user can only view the Contact Information panel, then the full application PDF will only contain this information.
  • Transcripts: these documents appear when they are received and processed for a submitted applicant. The Transcript Type column identifies if the applicant submitted an official transcript to the CAS (Official) or uploaded a transcript in the application (Unofficial). Note that the received date is the date the document was received into WebAdMIT from the CAS.
  • Applicant Uploaded Documents Application Level: documents submitted by the applicants that were requested on the standard application.
  • Applicant Uploaded Documents Program Level: documents submitted by the applicants that were requested by the program through the Configuration Portal.
  • Admissions Uploaded Documents: documents uploaded internally by your admissions team. These are not visible to applicants.


To download a document, click on its name. Depending on your browser, you may be prompted to open or save the file.

Users with Manage Uploaded Documents permissions in their Work Group may upload additional documents for internal use. To attach a document, go to the Admissions Uploaded Documents subpanel, enter a description (name), click Browse to find and select the document on your computer, then click Upload.

Upload Docs.png

Note: all application documents from the current cycle and two previous cycles are available online. This includes high-resolution transcripts and applicant-uploaded documents. To access documents from a previous cycle:

  1. Use the cycle switcher to navigate to the desired cycle.

  2. Locate the desired applicant, and open the Documents panel.
  3. Click the document name to download it.


This panel displays the letters of evaluation that were completed by the applicant’s evaluators.

To view evaluator information, click Evaluator Details.

To view additional evaluator information, if applicable, click Additional Evaluators.

SlideRoom Application

Where applicable, this panel contains a link to the applicant's SlideRoom application for each designation. It also provides the status of the SlideRoom application and, if necessary, its completion date.

Note that you must enter your SlideRoom credentials the first time you access any applicant’s portfolio from a link through WebAdMIT.

The Status and Completion Date fields are searchable via the List Manager and exportable via the Export Manager. An additional WebAdMIT Program ID field is available in the List Manager and Export Manager, so that you can pair the SlideRoom Status and Completion Date fields with the appropriate WebAdMIT designation.


Once you click on the SlideRoom link, a page like this appears:

SlideRoom 2.png

Personal Information

This panel displays the applicant’s personal information, including:

  • Biographic Information
  • Race & Ethnicity
  • Citizenship and Residency Information
  • Parent/Guardian (note: expand the education section to view any schools attended by the parent/guardian, then expand the Residency section for more information)
  • Siblings
  • Other information, such as military status or languages spoken


This panel displays felony, misdemeanor, institutional, or military infractions reported by the applicant. If the applicant reported Yes to an infraction, expand that section for more information.

Custom Fields

This panel displays supplemental application information. The fields that display here are configured by your WebAdMIT administrator. 

GPA Overview

This panel displays a series of post-secondary GPAs calculated for the applicant. Some of the GPAs are calculated by the CAS, while others are customized by you and calculated by WebAdMIT. Some of the GPAs may include:

Standardized Tests

This panel displays the applicant’s applicable test scores for exams. The available tests that may appear here will vary based on your CAS. Tests may include ACT, ADAT, DAT, GRE, GMAT, HESI, IELTS, MCAT, NBDE, OAT, PCAT, TEAS, and/or TOEFL exams.

Both applicant-reported and official test scores appear here. Official test scores have:

  • Official in the Test and Official Results columns,
  • the CAS name in the Official Received By column, and
  • a date in the Official Received Date column.

Note: some tests may have a dedicated panel outside of the Standardized Tests panel.


This panel displays the previous institutions attended. This may include the undergraduate institution(s), graduate institution(s), and/or high school(s) attended by the applicant. 

Some CASs indicate if an institution is regionally accredited. If your CAS provides this information, a Regionally Accredited column appears in the Education panel. Click the Yes/No button to see the institution's accrediting agency. Note that international institutions are listed as N/A, as they are not regionally accredited.

Regional accreditation is listed in the Colleges Attended section of the full application PDF. If an institution is not regionally accredited, an error indicator is listed in the:

  • Electronic Transcript on the Applicant Details page,
  • Electronic Transcript in the full application PDF, and
  • Colleges Attended section in the full application PDF.

You can search by or export the Regionally Accredited and Accrediting Agency fields under the College(s) Attended field grouping in the List Manager and Export Manager, respectively.

Note that applicants do not see this regional accreditation information.


This panel displays the status of supplemental application materials and information, such as fees or deadlines. The fields that display here are configured by your WebAdMIT Administrator.

Prerequisite GPAs

This panel displays a summary of your prerequisites, if the applicant has completed them, and (if so) the applicant's total credits and average GPA used to fulfill the criteria.

Fulfilling Criteria

Prerequisites that are built in WebAdMIT will be matched by admissions users and are not visible to applicants. These are separate from prerequisites that are set up in the CAS configuration portal for applicants to match. Prerequisite criteria can be fulfilled in two ways:

  1. Associate the prerequisite with a course from the Electronic Transcript. When the matched course(s) meets the GPA and Credit thresholds that you have determined (labeled as "Min. GPA" and "Min. Sem. Hours" on the Prerequisite GPA panel), the criterion is marked as fulfilled. To view the course(s) that is fulfilling a criterion, click the Details link. To view all courses matched to a criterion, click Expand all.

  2. Manually fulfill the criterion. To manually fulfill a criterion, click the Force Fulfill checkbox.

Electronic Transcript

This panel displays a normalized view of the applicant’s post-secondary academic coursework, including the CAS standardized classification and grade.

To view additional information about a course, click the Details link.

Grouping Courses

To group courses by academic status, course number, classification, or term, select an option from the and group by drop-down.

Viewing Local GPAs

To review courses that comprise a Local GPA, select a Local GPA template from the View drop-down.

The resulting view displays a column of checkboxes; checked courses are included in the Local GPA you are viewing. To remove a course from the Local GPA, uncheck the box.

Note: unchecking courses to remove them from a Local GPA is a temporary action. Adjustments to the Local GPA setup or updates to an applicant’s coursework will cause Local GPAs to recalculate, and manual course selections to be overwritten.

To restrict the view to only the courses included in the selected Local GPA, click the Hide Unrelated Courses checkbox.

Viewing Prerequisite GPAs

To review and add courses to specific Prerequisite GPAs, select a Prerequisite GPA template from the View drop-down.

The resulting view displays a requirements column. To add a course to a prerequisite, click the Prerequisite GPAs button.

Personal Statements

This panel displays the applicant’s Personal Statement / Essay.


This panel displays the applicant’s reported work, activities, and experiences.

To view additional information about the experience (i.e., organization, contact information, etc.), click Details.

Licenses and Certifications

This panel displays relevant licenses and certifications reported by the applicant.

Socioeconomic Indicators

This panel displays three sets of indicators for the applicant, which may include Economic Indicators, Environmental Indicators, and Geographic Indicators.

Geographic Indicators indicate if the counties listed in the applicant’s Preferred Address, Permanent Address, Alternate Contact Address, Childhood Address, Birth Address, Residency Address, or High School Attended are considered rural or medically underserved.

Childhood Indicators provide additional reported information about the applicant’s economic childhood situation.


This panel displays email correspondence with the applicant. To view an email, click the email name.

Note: if merge fields are incorporated into an email, the merge fields display instead of the applicant’s information. To see an email with all merge field information populated, send a preview to yourself.


This panel displays recorded notes and comments about the applicant. Notes entered here can be viewed by all users with access to this panel.

Creating a Note
  1. To create a note, click New Note.
  2. Enter your note in the Add Your Note text box, then click Save.

Deleting a Note

To delete a note, place your cursor under the note’s text, then click Delete. Note that only a note author can delete their note.


This panel displays a change log that includes the following:

  • CAS Updates (the change date reflects the last date this information was transmitted from the CAS to WebAdMIT, not the date it was changed by the applicant).
  • Local Status Changes.
  • Decision Code Changes (available in select CASs).

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