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The Consortium Program User Guide

This guide provides you with documentation, reference guides, and direct links that answer common admissions questions about The Consortium Applicant Portal, Configuration Portal, and Admissions by Liaison. It also contains resources that may help you work more efficiently throughout your admissions process. If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact your Account Manager and Client Success Manager.

Cycle Timeframes

Applicant Portal

The Applicant Portal opens in mid-August and closes in early January.

Configuration Portal

Between early March and early June, configurations are entered in the prelaunch environment. The Account Manager, Client Success Manager, and The Consortium review submitted configurations in July.

Admissions by Liaison

You can view new applicants in mid-October.

Program Participation Requirements

The Consortium requires all programs to designate two contacts at your institution who will receive all communication from The Consortium, including the configuration, application, and Admissions by Liaison launch notifications.

Applicant Portal

The first three sections of The Consortium application (i.e., Personal Information, Academic History, and Supporting Information) compose the core application. They contain questions that are commonly asked of applicants across all participating programs, such as an applicant's biographic information, standardized test scores, and experiences. The fourth section of the application is Program Materials, which is customized by you through the Configuration Portal (discussed in the next section).

You can access The Consortium application and The Consortium Applicant Help Center to review the applicant experience. You can also create a test application in the Applicant Portal; we recommend creating a new account and adding "test" to your name (e.g., TestJohn TestDoe).

For a general overview of the applicant experience, review the following documents:

You can direct any applicant inquiries related to the application to The Consortium Customer Service.

Admissions by Liaison

Review the Admissions by Liaison Help Center for any questions related to working in Admissions by Liaison.

  • Navigating the Dashboard: the landing page where you arrive after logging in. Dashboards are created as Reports, after which administrators can assign them to other users to serve as their landing page.
  • Working with the Dashboard: the Dashboard in Admissions by Liaison is the landing page where you arrive after logging in.
  • Navigating the Applications Grid: the Applications section is the central hub for viewing, editing, and processing applications to any of your programs.
  • Navigating an Application: review your applications and learn how to edit the layout of this page.
  • Managing Roles: create Roles to customize a user's permissions and access to Admissions by Liaison (e.g., Reviewers, Interviewers, IT Team members, etc.). Review our guide to see how Roles can impact you.

The Release Notes feature new enhancements in the Applicant Portal, in addition to upcoming training opportunities.

For any questions, contact your AM and CSM.

Download the Weekly Prospect Report

The Weekly Prospect Report includes prospective and in-progress applicants for all programs and is updated every Friday at 12 AM ET. You can access this report at any time in Admissions by Liaison. Follow the steps below to access it: 

  1. Log in to Admissions by Liaison.
  2. Under the Settings drop-down, select Contacts.

    Settings AbL 1.png
  3. Under the Students filter in the top left, select Students.

    Students AbL.png
  4. Select the checkbox next to Name, and then click the Select all # link.

    Select all AbL.png
  5. Click Export.

    Export AbL.png
  6. Click the next arrow for the 03) Weekly Prospect Report.

    Weekly Prospect Report AbL.png
  7. Click Generate.

    Generate AbL.png
  8. Once the file is ready, click the link and save it.

    Download File AbL.png
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