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Update Your Approved Program


After a program is available to applicants in the Applicant Portal, select changes can be made. Review the changes you can make or need to contact your association client to make on your behalf. If you want to make a change to your approved program that is not listed here, contact support and they can research the change and effects to both your program and applicants.

Liaison encourages you to test and review changes in the prelaunch environment first before applicants can see them in the application. Once you are satisfied with the change, you must update it in production (i.e., the "live" environment). Note that once a program is live, changes made in the prelaunch environment can't be activated; only changes in production are activated.

With any changes, you should maintain records on your end of the original and edited content and the applicants who completed information for one or the other. Possible ways to manage this include:

We also recommend contacting all in progress applicants when a change has occurred so they can update their application to your program appropriately.

Updates Program Users Can Make

Once your program is approved, you can only make the following edits during the cycle in the Configuration Portal production environment:

*For some CASs, program users cannot edit the program deadline. If this is the case for your CAS, you can contact your association client to make the deadline change.

If available in your CAS, select users with the Config. Portal Live Editing Access role may also be able to make the following edits for active and closed programs:

Other Post-live Updates

The following table outlines the process for managing additional post-live program configuration changes. Generally, aside from the limited changes program users can make, all other changes require Liaison support or are not permissible. Descriptions for the Who can make the changes? column are as follows: 

  • Program Users: these changes can be made by program-level users with no special permissions or approvals. Some CAS associations may elect to lock these fields, in which case programs must contact their association for permission to update.
  • Liaison Support: programs can request these changes by contacting WebAdMIT Support, who will update these items without additional consultation. 
  • Liaison Account Team: programs can request these changes by contacting WebAdMIT Support, who will engage the CAS account team to determine if the change can be made. 
  • No: these changes cannot be made once the program is live to applicants.

Note that you may need to use the embedded scroll bars to view additional information.

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