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Adding Users

Video Overview

Adding a New User

  1. Using the Menu Bar, open the Management panel, then click Admissions Users.

  2. Click New User.

    Institution Manager.jpg
  3. Enter the new user’s information. Note that the only required fields are First Name, Last Name, and Email. Remember to select a Work Group, as this is what controls what permissions the user will have. The WebAdMIT Administrators Work Group, available by default, gives the user full access to all management functions in WebAdMIT. Also remember to select a program under Program Assignments, as this is what controls which groups of applicants the user will see.

  4. Click Submit. The user will receive a system-generated email prompting them to create a password. Remember that passwords must be a minimum of ten characters and contain at least one number or special character. Passwords consisting of common keyboard patterns or limited to common words are not allowed.

Note that the Title/position field does not provide any additional functionality, but may be useful for internal reporting.

Checkboxes on New User Accounts

  • Primary User checkbox has no current functionality.
  • Institution Manager allows the user to add a new cycle to existing users. This option only appears to users who are currently Institution Managers.
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