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Quick Start Guide for Administrators


Welcome to WebAdMIT, a cloud-based admissions management platform that provides users with tools to streamline their admissions processes. Using WebAdMIT, admissions staff can:

  • Manage each applicant as they progress through the admissions cycle.
  • Manage collective groups of applicants.
  • Obtain holistic views of applicant pools.
  • Take full advantage of applicant data to make the best admissions decisions.

If you're new to WebAdMIT, we recommend you start by completing our on-demand courses for a thorough overview of key concepts and functionality. 

Accessing WebAdMIT

You can access the WebAdMIT portal any time an internet connection is available to you. To log in to the portal, use the following link:

NOTE: If you are a primary user at a new school, you will receive your WebAdMIT username and password from the WebAdMIT Support Team once your account has been created. If you are a user at an already participating school, you will receive your WebAdMIT username and password from the primary user at your institution.

Getting Started with the Essentials

Before you begin configuring WebAdMIT, take some time to become familiar with the following:

Foundational Topic/Link This topic contains information on:
1. Glossary Common WebAdMIT terms and definitions.
2. Viewing the Dashboard The five main areas of the Dashboard which provide you with essential information. 
3. Searching for Applicants How to search for applicants and filter your applicant pool.
4. Viewing Applicant Information The Applicant Details Page which contains all of an applicant's data. 
5. Creating Field and Composite Lists How to create and manage groups of applicants using the List Manager. 

Configuring WebAdMIT

WebAdMIT is a powerful tool that can be configured according to your admissions process. Once you become familiar with the basics noted above, review the following administrative functions: 

Administrative Topic/Link This topic contains information on:
1. Managing Users via Work Groups and User Accounts How to setup and manage your WebAdMIT users and their permissions.
2. Creating Custom Fields How to create additional fields in WebAdMIT to store applicant information that is important to your program (but is not collected from the applicant in the application).
3. Creating Local Statuses How to create statuses that allow you to track applicants during each stage of your admissions process.
4. Configuring Prerequisite GPAs How to create a set of prerequisite courses and how to match them for each applicant.
5. Creating Email Templates and Configuring Email Addresses How to create email templates for quick correspondence with applicants.
6. Customizing the Applicant Header How to select up to 5 fields that display in the Applicant Details Page header for quick access to important information.

Accessing Additional Resources

The WebAdMIT Help Center contains a broad range of searchable topics, including the following: 

WebAdMIT Training

Click here for more information about training. 

Release Notes

Release Notes are biweekly summaries of enhancements and new features that are made available in the Applicant Portal, Configuration Portal, and/or WebAdMIT. You may wish to periodically review this information. 

Documentation and Reference Guides

For your convenience, the Documentation and Reference Guides section contains an assortment of quick reference guides that span a variety of topics. You may wish to browse these topics and review any relevant documentation. 

Contacting Support

The WebAdMIT Support Team is available Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM ET.

Note that to minimize downtime for users, WebAdMIT upgrades occur on Saturday evenings.

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