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Configure Prerequisites

In this section, you can list the prerequisite courses, credits, and grades required for entry to your program. Applicants will then self-identify which courses they feel meet your prerequisite coursework requirements. 

You can add instructions that help guide applicants through selecting their prerequisites. You can also add descriptions for each prerequisite, explaining how you expect applicants to match the prerequisite. This field can contain a maximum of 250 characters, so you may need to shorten descriptions if cutting and pasting from another resource. 

You should identify prerequisites by subject types, not university course numbers (i.e. “Introductory Biology” instead of “BIOL 101”) as students from different institutions may not be familiar with your course numbering system. 

Prerequisite course collection is optional for each program. You can add up to 50 prerequisite courses for each program.

  1. Click the Program Settings icon.
  2. Click the Prerequisites checkbox on the left, then click the Prerequisites link.
  3. Enter any custom instructions you want to provide in the Applicant Instructions HTML editor. 
  4. Click + Prerequisite
  5. Enter the following details for each course.
    • Title: Enter a descriptive title (e.g. “Chemistry Lab” – not CHEM 101L).
    • Description: Enter a description that is 250 characters or less (e.g. “Chemistry Lab courses much be for science majors and taken within the last 5 years to fulfill our requirements.”). 
    • Minimum Grade: Enter a number from 0-4, including 2 digits after the decimal point (e.g. 2.50).
    • Minimum Credits: Enter a number from 0-4 without decimals (e.g. 3). 
  6. Click + Prerequisites to continue adding courses as needed. 
  7. Click Save

Configuring Prerequisites: Best Practices

  • There isn't an audit process that ensures the applicants have matched courses in the way you've asked them to, so provide as much guidance as needed to help avoid incorrect selections.
  • Don’t be overly specific with course numbers. For example, ANT 210 (for Anthropology) may not directly translate to a course the applicants have taken.
  • Double-check that you've included all your desired prerequisites


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