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Configure Questions

In this section, you can add custom questions that are not included in the common sections of the application or that are specific to your school or program. These questions can be either required or optional for applicants. 

Common question examples include:

  • "Have you previously applied to our program?"
  • "Why are you interested in this profession?"
  • "Why are you interested in this program?"

You can also use these questions as reminders to ensure applicants fulfill your requirements. For example:

  • "We require three letters of references. Have you completed the Reference section of your application?"
  • "We require that you provide your SSN. Have you entered that in the Personal Information section of the application?"
  • "We require that you submit your official GRE scores. Have you submitted your scores using our CAS-specific GRE code?"

Before adding your custom questions, review your application to determine what questions you need to add. We also recommend reviewing any supplemental applications your school or program may use as these custom questions may eliminate the need for supplemental applications. 

Add Question Sets

Question Sets can be used to group questions together in a specific category (e.g. “Research Interests,” “Graduate Assistantship Questions,” etc.). You must create at least one Question Set to use the custom question functionality.

  1. Click the Program Settings icon.
  2. Click the Questions checkbox on the left, then click the Questions link.
  3. Add instructions about the questions in the Applicant Instructions field. This text will appear at the top of the page.
  4. Click + Add Question Set
  5. Add header text. This appears as a title above your question(s) (e.g. “Research Interests,” “Graduate Assistantship Questions,” etc.) and can be used to summarize the questions you are asking or provide other relevant details. 
  6. Add an optional description.
  7. Click + Add.

Add Questions

Once you create a Question Set, you can add questions to it. There are several question types you can choose from, depending on the format in which you expect applicants to answer each question:

  • Multiple Choice: Questions can be single or multiple answer. 
    • Single answer questions can appear with radio buttons or drop-down menus for applicants to select. Applicants can choose only one response. 
    • Multiple answer questions appear with checkboxes for applicants to select. Applicants can choose one or more responses. 
  • Essay: Questions appear with a text box where applicants can type their response. You can set the maximum number of characters that applicants can enter. If you want the question to appear as a short, one-line answer, set the character limit to 50 characters. If you want applicants to enter a longer answer, set the character limit to 250 characters or more. 
  • Either/Or: Questions appear with radio buttons where applicants can choose from two responses. 
  • Section Text Box: A block of instructional text that you can insert to provide applicants with additional information. This is not an actual question so applicants will not be able to enter any responses. We recommend only using this option if you have a very specific use case. 
  • Date: Questions appear with a text box where applicants must enter their response in date format via a calendar picker. 
  • Numeric: Questions appear with a text box where applicants must enter a number. You can set whether decimal points are allowed, the maximum number of characters (not including any decimal points, if applicable), and to automatically format numbers over 999 with proper commas. 
  1. Click + Add Question.
  2. Select whether the question is required or not.
  3. Enter a Question Description
  4. Select a Question Type from the drop-down. 
  5. Configure additional options, depending on the Question Type selected.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Add more questions and question sets as needed and click Save
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