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Before You Get Started

Review the Application

Before you configure your programs, it’s important to review the sections of the application that are common across all programs. This will help you determine which questions are already included in the application by default and what program-specific questions you may need to add.

To review the application sections, navigate to your CAS's Applicant Portal and create a test account (i.e., an account with “test” in your name). If you do not know your application's website, contact your Account Manager. 

Review Transcript and Coursework Verification Options

Before configuring your transcript and coursework entry requirements, review your CAS's transcript and coursework verification so you can make informed decisions. If you do not know your application's requirements, contact your Account Manager.

Be Aware of Cycle Rollovers

All program pages from the current cycle will be automatically rolled over to the new cycle and available for editing. You can jump to the Edit Program Data section for information on editing the rolled-over pages; however, we recommend reviewing the entire guide to help you determine what edits to make.

The Transfer Settings Guide contains more information about a cycle rollover in the Configuration Portal, including items to review and prepare.

Save Often

Save your information at least every fifteen minutes to prevent the system from timing out on you.

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