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Edit Program Data, Deadlines, and Details

It’s important to ensure your program’s data is always accurate.

  • If you are preparing for an upcoming cycle, you'll notice some fields will already be completed due to the onboarding or cycle rollover process.
  • If you Add a New Program, you will need to enter all program data. Some fields are required and are marked with a blue asterisk. If you have any questions on how to complete fields, contact your Account Manager.
  • If you are in the middle of a cycle, you can make limited changes to this page, such as changing your deadline. 

To edit a program, hover your mouse over it and click Details to view the Program Details page.

Edit Program.jpg

If you are already editing a program, you can return to the Program Details page by clicking the Program Details link at the top.

Then, click Edit at the bottom of the page.

Program Details.png

Important fields to review include:

  • Program Name: how your program appears in the Applicant Portal.
  • WebAdMIT Name: an alternate name for your program that is only viewed by your admissions team in WebAdMIT under the Designation field; applicants do not see the WebAdMIT Name. This is an optional field. If you choose to leave it blank, you will see the Program Name under Designation in WebAdMIT. This field can be used to abbreviate your program name, add the start term and year, or create an alternate name for your own internal reporting purposes. For example:
    • Program Name: "Master of Science in Speech and Language Pathology" for the Fall 2018 term
    • WebAdMIT Name: "MS SLP FA18"
  • Open Date: the date your program opens in the Applicant Portal. This can be on or after the start of the application cycle.
  • Default Deadline: the date your program closes in the Applicant Portal. This can be on or before the close of the application cycle. Depending upon your CAS, you may be able to edit your program deadline after your program is live. This is useful if you want to extend your program deadline for all applicants or close it early.
  • Display Deadline as: how your deadline date appears in the Applicant Portal. The choices include:
    • Same Deadline: show the date chosen in Default Deadline.
    • Different Date: show an earlier date, such as a "soft" or priority deadline. This date must be earlier than the date selected in Default Deadline. Your program stays open until the date chosen in Default Deadline. If you choose this option, we recommend communicating your Default Deadline date in your program home page introduction.
    • Rolling: the deadline displays as "Rolling" and stays open until the date chosen in Default Deadline. If you choose this option, we recommend communicating your Default Deadline date in your program home page introduction.
  • Total Program Application Fee: where available, this field establishes your application fee for this program. This field only exists for select application services.

Note that once a program is activated, it can only be updated by an association user.

Best Practices

Consistent, correct data is essential in creating your program and ensuring applicants can find your program in the application. Review this checklist when setting up your program metadata.

Program Name

  • Does your program name match how you advertise your program on your institution's website?
  • Are your program naming conventions consistent with each other? For example, do you name one program "Masters in Athletic Training" and another "PhD in AT"? Keep the same convention so applicants can more easily read and identify your programs.
  • Is everything spelled accurately? Use a browser spell check app to ensure accuracy.

Start Term and Year

  • Does your program start term and year match the information you provided your Account Manager when onboarding?
  • If you select Rolling for start term, did you create a question for applicants to indicate their preferred start term?

Default Deadline and Display Deadline

  • Is your program deadline set in the future and within the CAS's cycle dates?
  • If you select Rolling for Display Deadline as, do you provide additional program deadline information in your program instructions?


  • List the total amount (Liaison CAS fee + your program application fee), if applicable.


  • Is your program delivery (e.g., on campus, online, etc.) correctly indicated here?
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