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Monitor Your Program Status

Your program can be in different statuses: 

  • Draft means that this is a new program that you can fully edit. It has not been sent to the CAS administrator for approval and is not available to applicants (even if the open date has passed). 
  • Review means that you submitted the program for review and approval by the CAS administrator. It is currently locked and you cannot make changes. 
  • Approved means that the program was submitted to the CAS administrator and was approved. Active programs are either live in the application or will become live on the program start date. If the program has not yet opened, applicants can view it as a future program on the Program Selection page in the application. Only the program deadline date, home page, and branding can be edited in this status. 
  • Closed means that the program was live on the application, but is no longer available to applicants because the deadline date has passed. The program deadline date, home page, and branding cannot be edited by admissions users. 

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