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Liaison International


Review the Application

  • Review the current application to get a sense of the questions that are already included and what you may want to add.
  • Start to pull together any details about your program and school that you want to share with applicants in the application.

Be Aware of Cycle Rollovers

  • Keep in mind that all pages from the current cycle will be rolled over to the new cycle. 

Brand Your Program Page

  • Work with your Marketing or PR department to choose a branding image that meets the size and format specifications.
  • Pull together your program’s introductory text and instructions, as well as any requirements information, including supplemental items/fees if you use a two-part application process.

Configure Questions (if applicable)

  • Review current school and supplemental applications to help you determine which questions you need to ask.

Configure Prerequisites (if applicable)

  • Pull together information on prerequisites, including any instructions. 

Configure Documents (if applicable)

  • Ensure you have specific instructions for any documents you are requesting.

Configure Evaluations (if applicable)

  • Determine how many evaluations, if any, you want to request.

Configure Transcript and Coursework Entry (if applicable)

  • Indicate the transcripts and coursework entry you require.

Configure SlideRoom Link (if applicable)

  • Enter your SlideRoom application link for applicants to complete.

Preview and Submit Your Program

  • Monitor your program’s status. 
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